Honda Ridgeline Bike Rack

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  • Honda Ridgeline Bike Rack

Honda Ridgeline Bike Rack

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  • A 60" slotted track that bolts into the pre-existing tie-down points located in the new Honda Ridgeline (Gen 2, 2016-).  This kit includes a 60" track, mounting brackets to fasten to your bed, torx tool, and two bike mount hardware kits (to attach our HotRod, LoBall  or DriveShaft HM fork mounts, sold separately).  Engineered specifically for this truck bed for a perfect fit.  

    Our brackets include an integrated tie-down to maintain a tie-down point.  

    The bike mounts (sold separately) can slide along the length of the track and positioned where you want them.  



    Which bike mounts should I get?

    • If your bikes have quick release front wheels, get the LoBall or Locking Loball.  
    • If you have thru axles, get the HotRod or DriveShaft HM
    • If you have both, you can get a Dummy Axle for the DriveShaft HM to carry your QR bike, but the QR does not lock.  

    How many bikes can I hold?

    • Up to three.  We include two bike mount hardware kits, but you can buy a third if need be.  

    Do I need to tie down the rear wheel?

    • Most likely no.  The bed has some channels in the floor and bikes usually do not move around.  If you drive like a rally car driver or take the vehicle off road, it can be helpful to run a strap through the back wheel and though a tie down point in the bed.

    Will this work with the factory tonneau cover?

    • No

    Why don't you include the fork mounts?

    • There are too many styles of forks on the market and it would be too expensive to include all the mounting possibilities (locking vs. non locking, QR, thru axle, one, two or three bikes?). We sell them separately so you get the best fork mount (or use your old ones) for your bike.  

    What does the bike mount hardware kit do?

    • It includes the square plates and bolts that slide into the track.  If you purchase a HotRod, LoBall or DriveShaft HM, these will allow you to attach these fork mounts to the track.  Do not get a DriveShaft Track as these do not work well in this orientation.

    Can I close the tailgate with the bike mounted?

    • Road bikes, always.  Mountain bikes, depends on the wheelbase.  Most fit, on ones with longer than a 45" wheelbase, you will have to angle the rear wheel towards the corner.  The bike in the photo has 27.5 wheel and a 45" wheelbase.  

    Do you make a bike mount where I do not remove the front wheel?  

    • No.  You will never be able to close the tailgate.

    Does it interfere with the trunk/cooler?

    • No, but with bikes mounted, yes.  

    Does the track lock to the truck?

    • No, it uses a T45 torx tool which is uncommon, so the rack is unlikely to get stolen

    Is it easy to take in and out?

    • Easy, four bolts.  We give you a tool, but a socket wrench with the correct bit will reduce the time in half.  
      What is it made of?
      • The track is 6061 aluminum, powder coated matte black, the brackets that attach the track to your mounting holes are 4mm thick 1080 steel, electroplated and powder coated black.

      I have never owner any RockyMounts, is this good quality and fit?

      • The fit is perfect, it will take five minutes to put the track in and another few minutes to install the bike mounts.  Quality is great, no burrs, lines are smooth and the parts are precise to automotive standards for fit and finish.  


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