SplitRail Add-on

SplitRail Add-on

The SplitRail receiver hitch bike rack has taken the world by storm. The 2" receiver, 2-bike base rack can be made more capable by adding one or two add-on carriers, which are sold individually. This SplitRail Single Add-On has all of the features and components of units that come with the base rack: the 4" of side to side adjustment of each carrier to create the optimal bike to bike offset, an integrated cable lock secures bike to rack (lock core and keys included, and carry capacity for bikes with 20-29" wheels with up to a 48" wheelbase and up to 3" tire width.

There are some key set-up notes: The spacing in between each bike in a 3-bike set-up is 12". For a 4-bike configuration: 12" spacing (on center) between bikes one and two; 9" spacing (on center) between bikes two, three, and four. Each carrier is rated to 40lbs max weight when the using one or two add-ons. The elegant, efficient, secure, and easy to use design of the SplitRail is only improved when you add the versatility of more bike capacity.

Note: If you want a specific core # to match your current locks, type the four digit code (ex. E144) in the "Comments" field and checkout and we will match them.  

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