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Sleek form fitting bike rack for the factory set

  • TieRod


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Sleek form fitting bike rack for the factory set

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    The TieRod is a sleek, form fitting bike rack for elliptical, factory installed crossbars (Subaru, Toyota, etc.) It's rubber coated stainless steel straps fit elliptical shaped crossbars like a glove. The TieRod is a heavy duty fork mount with front wheel quick release and holds skinny road tires up to wide load mountain bike tires. Fits disc and standard brake systems and comes with a lockable quick release. Lock rack to car and bike to rack with RockyMounts locks, sold separately (requires 2 lock cores). Tie Rod


    How far does it stick back? I am worried about the tray hitting my tailgate/trunk

    • From the center of your front crossbar, it extends 50" back.  The JetLine is 48", SwitchHitter is 50", BrassKnuckles 45" & Tomahawk 39"

    My bike has a thru-axle, will this work?  

    • No, you will need an adapter, get the SwitchHitter instead

    I have Thule® square or Yakima® round bars, will this fit?  

    • Yes, but we designed the Jetline to custom fit these bars, the Jetline fits better with a more compact design.

    Is it easy to take on and off?

    • Yes, it is three bolts.  

    How does it lock? 

    • Locks the cover plate on so no one can unscrew the bolt that attaches the front head to the car, the other lock plugs into the quick release and prevents some one from opening the quick release.

    Why don't you include the locks?  

    • Most people buy two racks, this allows them to have the same key.  

    Can I just use a cable lock?

    • Yes.

    Will Thule® or Yakima® lock cores work?

    • No



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