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The BackStage is the only swing away platform hitch rack on the market that swings out 180 degrees. No matter if you have a truck, SUV or camper van, this rack is perfect for those who need open access to the back end of their vehicle. Based around the MonoRail platform, the BackStage provides full access to the back of the vehicle, even with bikes loaded.

Product Features:
  • The industry’s first 180 degree swing away platform hitch rack
  • Carries 2 bikes, up to 60 lbs per tray (120 lbs total). Not compatible with Add-On
  • No contact with frame, secures bicycle by front wheel
  • Carries road tires up to 5.0” fat bike tires, and diameters from 20” to 29”
  • Compatible with bicycle wheelbases from 36” to 50”
  • Folds flat against the vehicle and tilts down 30 degrees to allow for hatch access
  • Only available for 2" hitches. Utilizes RockyMounts premium 3-axis anti wobble system
  • Includes locking hitch bolt and cable lock, keyed alike
  • Not for use with fender equipped bicycles
  • Rack weight 59 lbs (shipping weight 75 lbs)
  • For cargo vans like Sprinter, Transit and ProMaster, an 8" Hitch Extension is usually required for handlebars to clear the door.  Road/Gravel is usually OK, modern mountain bike bars are too wide and can contact the rear door and the hitch extension is required.  

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  • 5
    best rack ive owned

    Posted by Scott Miller on Sep 16th 2020

    carries my ebike and my dh bike with ease. love how i can sit on my tailgate with the bikes still on the rack swung out. would totally recommend and have done so many times. thanks for the great product!

  • 5
    Rack: Great, Build Instructions: So-so

    Posted by Skeeball on Sep 12th 2020

    Bought this rack Sep 2020. I looked at all the competitors but due to COVID, only a few racks are actually in stores. I wasn't too sure if the swing arm was an important feature or not. Since no competitors have this feature I thought it was too necessary....WRONG. Great feature. I have a new model Nissan Murano with 2" receiver. I think the rack is great and I am glad I was able to find one locally. Where I see need for improvement is with the directions. There are like 8 pictures that show assembly. I was patient and used trial and error. For example, the wheel trays, there are two and there is nothing about which one is supposed to be outboard. Just say, the "RockyMounts" decal should be outboard and should be oriented up when the hitch is folded. The hitch is heavy but I have 50 lbs ebikes so I will appreciate the heft. Due to the weight I will not be removing and re-installing as I had envisioned.

  • 5
    1year later-BackStage Swing Away Platform Hitch

    Posted by Anonymous on Oct 3rd 2019

    Well built and rugged! I use the Swing-Away feature constantly to facilitate the quick entry of my dog to my truck. Bikes feel secure when in use.

  • 5
    Built like a brick s***house

    Posted by Matt on Aug 30th 2019

    So glad I chose this rack over Thule/Yakima "equivalents". I drive a late model Nissan Frontier crewcab and wanted full access to the bed for loading/unloading camping gear. The fold-down function of this rack *almost* allows the tailgate to fully open, but not quite. It rests on the inside plastic wheel rest of the bike rack. I suspected this might happen, which is why I wanted swing-out functionality as well. Thule and Yakima sell a separate swing-out attachment which connects to their hitch-mount bike racks. The attachment plus rack cost almost $400 more than this Rocky Mounts rack, and it also causes the rack to stick out out much further from the rear of the vehicle. The Rocky Mounts backstage swing-away has a clever design, is user-friendly, doesn't stick out too far from the rear of the vehicle, and doesn't have the bikes sitting too high up. It's also built like a brick s***house: super-solid, bikes don't move at all while driving, even on bumpy roads. I am very, very happy with this rack and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a platform-style bike rack. The only "con" is that it may be a bit heavy for people of smaller/weaker stature. It weighs a solid 50 pounds, so installing/removing it from a vehicle may be challenging for those with limited strength. If you plan to frequently install/remove the rack from your vehicle, I highly recommend buying a dedicated ratchet with deep-well socket. This allows installation/removal in less than a minute.

  • 5
    Three good reasons I chose the Backstage

    Posted by John on Aug 25th 2019

    I chose RockyMounts Backstage rack for three reason: First, the rear doors of my Dodge Ram Promaster clear the rack. Many other swingaway type racks from other manufacturers sit up too high and don't allow the rear doors to open. Secondly, the Promaster is a wider vehicle and the Backstage swing arms are wide enough to allow the bikes to be swung out of the way along the side of the vehicle. Thirdly, I wanted the rack to not stick out in back any further than it needs to. Some competitors are building racks that place the bikes too far from the rear of the vehicle. The Backstage keeps my bikes close to the rear which looks better and is safer when backing up.

  • 5

    Posted by Carl Levi on Aug 16th 2019

    The Backstage Rack is truly perfect for anyone wanting easy access to the camper shell or slide-in camper on their pickup even when the rack is fully loaded and secured for travel. Obviously it's designed to swing completely out of the way of the back end of your truck or camper when parked or set up in camp. But it also tilts out just like more "traditional" racks to allow the tailgate to be fully lowered without having to swing the bikes to the side. Further, the fit, alignment & tolerances are precise enough that even when the rack is fully loaded one can easily tighten the blue "handle assembly" with one finger except for the final tightening twist - no lifting/shifting/ twisting anything to get it to catch. And the various other latches with their blue knobs click into place without a struggle. Loading bikes is a breeze and they're very secure when clamped in. Further, the rack can be swung fully aside & out of the way while leaving your bikes securely locked to the platform portion they sit on. Another plus: if you operate your rig with the tailgate on as we do, when the bikes are swung around to the side, the part of the rack that fits into the receiver and supports the rest of the rack functions as a handy (though narrow) auxiliary "step" for climbing up onto the tailgate when it's down.

  • 5
    Only choice for Jeep Wrangler

    Posted by Dennis on Jul 31st 2019

    I was tired of not having access through my Wrangler tailgate with my rack on. I wanted a platform rack for my carbon bike and swingaway for the jeep. The Backstage met all the requirements. Depending on the size of your spare, you may need the 8" extension. Anything > 4" would work, but the RockyMount 8" fits exactly and includes another antiwobble locking hitch bolt and they'll key it the same as the rack. There is minimal wobble to the rack when loaded and it is solid. Comes with an extra screw handle (used to solidly secure the swing arm when folded) since that piece is at risk of breaking if you back up a bit to far and hit anything. Assembly was about a 30 minute job for 1 person. I've had to move it from my Wrangler to my wife's SUV twice and it's far easier than I thought it would be. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Great product and great service

    Posted by Jeffrey Hagan on Jul 27th 2019

    Extemely well built product and great support. The ability to swing out the rack and access your vehicle is HUGE. The rack is built to the max with all steel construction. This rack should last for years. Service is is also top notch. I had a minor issue with a end cap and Rocky Mounts sent a replacement FOC. Buy this over the competetitors. It's a no brainier.

  • 5
    Amazing bike rack!

    Posted by Thomas K. on Jun 1st 2019

    The only rack that would work on our motorhome and let us access the rear doors without removing the bikes and then the rack. Well designed and very easy to use.