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The BackStage is the only swing away platform hitch rack on the market that swings out 180 degrees. No matter if you have a truck, SUV or camper van, this rack is perfect for those who need open access to the back end of their vehicle. Based around the MonoRail platform, the BackStage provides full access to the back of the vehicle, even with bikes loaded.

Product Features:
  • The industry’s first 180 degree swing away platform hitch rack
  • Carries 2 bikes, up to 60 lbs per tray (120 lbs total). Not compatible with Add-On
  • No contact with frame, secures bicycle by front wheel
  • Carries road tires up to 5.0” fat bike tires, and diameters from 20” to 29”
  • Compatible with bicycle wheelbases from 36” to 50”
  • Folds flat against the vehicle and tilts down 30 degrees to allow for hatch access
  • Only available for 2" hitches. Utilizes RockyMounts premium 3-axis anti wobble system
  • Includes locking hitch bolt and cable lock, keyed alike
  • Not for use with fender equipped bicycles
  • Rack weight 59 lbs (shipping weight 75 lbs)
  • Fit Memo- For cargo vans a fit check is required. Depending on hitch manufacturer, handlebar width, vehicle wheelbase, and accessories an 8" Hitch Extension may be required for handlebars to clear the door.

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  • 5
    Amazing bike rack!

    Posted by Thomas K. on Jun 1st 2019

    The only rack that would work on our motorhome and let us access the rear doors without removing the bikes and then the rack. Well designed and very easy to use.

  • 5
    Back Stage rear rack and Brass Knuckles trays

    Posted by alan r. on Feb 3rd 2019

    I recently purchased a Back Stage hitch mount rear rack. It was quite easy to assemble and well made. I love the swing out feature if I need to get into the back of my truck ! As a sales rep for Cervelo, this rack is in constant use carrying bikes almost daily. The rack is secure, stable, doesn't wobble around in the receiver and extremely easy to get bikes on and off. I liked the product so much that when I had to purchase two trays for my roof rack, I bought two of the Brass Knuckles trays from Rack N Road in Sacramento. These trays are so sturdy and robust, I never worry about the safety of very expensive bicycles on them or my rear Back Stage rack. I highly recommend Rocky Mounts products a bike industry professional who is constantly using these racks for thousands of miles per month with absolutely perfect and secure bike carry for multiple bikes.....

  • 4
    Swings both ways.

    Posted by Scott R. on Oct 1st 2018

    Pretty awesome. It's heavy because it has to be to do what it does, and for anyone who has a truck bed camping set up or those even more lucky souls "dirt bagging" it in vans, it's perfect.

  • 5

    Posted by Joe on Sep 19th 2018

    Love everything about this rack. I always get people asking about it at trailhead parking lots. Really comes in handy when I go camping, and I can leave the rack on all the time, even when I need to use the back of the truck. One suggestion; the locking handle needs to be made of a stronger plastic, or even lightweight aluminum. Also, maybe think about making it more of a t-handle shape, than the l-handle. Harder for it to break.

  • 5
    I can finally get into my JEEP!

    Posted by Michael Connelly :-) on Sep 13th 2018

    I saw RockyMounts online a year ago. As a JEEP Wrangler owner & NICA MTB head coach, I carry my team gear and was sick of taking my old rack off to unload. A buddy showed off his new RM MonoRail and I loved the build, so RM was choice for me. RM BackStage only holds 2 bikes, AOK for my needs. DRIVEWAY REVIEW Threaded hitch bolt make rack rock solid. Bikes locked solid to tray. Easy to swing out & JEEP rear doors open & lock. A little effort to push bikes back in place & lock, but nothing major! Only critique: Plastic locks. I'll get 2 Curtis 23158 for the metal locks ends, swap out the RM plastic, and feel more secure. NOT ABLE TO FOLD UP With stock JEEP P255/70R18 tires, I need 1+” more distance from tire to fold up and lock. I tested a hitch extension and didn’t like it. While RM 50% reduced tongue weight warning isn't an issue for me, I felt the bikes were too far away for my taste and could cause rack wobble. SIMPLE SOLUTION I will only put on the RM rack while traveling with bikes. When bikes are off & JEEP is parked, folding up & not locking isn't an issue. If I need to drive, I can either push rack down and remember the extra space needed for backing up or pull up and use tie-down strap to secure - but it wont look as cool! If this is too much hassle, I realized my hitch is almost flush to bumper and I can buy a new hitch that extends 3” from bumper. That will give enough clearance to fold/lock. Can’t wait for first real use this weekend :-)

  • 4
    Great product, but far from perfect

    Posted by Jeremy W. on Sep 4th 2018

    First of all, the quality is very high, much more so than the leading brands. Actually swinging the rig out of the way of the tailgate is not easy and with bikes on it, it does not feel very safe or confidently extended out. That said, we haven’t actually had any problems with it functioning. My problem is more with my expectation of ease of use, swinging it out of the way and back to let the dogs out of the tail gate etc.

  • 5
    This is a great rack.

    Posted by Mark C. on Sep 3rd 2018

    I have a camper that goes on the back of my truck and until RocyMounts came out with the BackStage Swing Away Platform Hitch Rack (That’s quite a mouthful.) there were very few viable options. Thus, I’m really happy with the rack. It works great and is easy to operate. Next should be places for 3-4 bikes.

  • 5

    Posted by Sean on Aug 31st 2018

    Just got this tonight, love it. The rack is much strurdier than my previous Thule rack. The rack locks are awesome and there is no slop in the hitch. The hardware is all black oxidized and is all locking so you don’t need to worry about stuff coming loose. The swing out feature is a must if you own a truck.

  • 5
    THE bike rack to own

    Posted by David Wernet on Aug 21st 2018

    Sold my gas guzzling pickup and bought a cute little Rav4... only issue was it has a swinging back door and with any other hitch rack I would lose access to the back. Enter the Backstage, swings away so I can still get in the back of my car, easy to load and unload, and keeps my whiny friends with carbon bikes happy since it doesn't touch their frame at all.