Premium Lock Pod upgrade
Premium Lock Pod upgrade

Premium Lock Pod upgrade

Upgraded lock pod for our hitch racks.
1 lock pod pack comes with, 1 upgraded pod, 1 lock core, and 2 keys.  If you order 2 lock pods, we will key alike.  
Note: Quantities for different racks
  • If you are up upgrading a SplitRail LS you only need 1 lock pod for the hitch lock
  • If you are upgrading a BackStage or MonoRail  you will need a 2 lock pods, one for the hitch lock and one for the cable lock
Note: If you want a specific core # to match your current locks, type the four digit code (ex. E141) in the "Comments" field and checkout and we will match them.  
**Not compatible with non-threaded SplitRail hitch pin