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PostUp Bike Parking Rack Commercial

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50% Stainless Steel, now $99.95 while supplies last

A good bike parking rack is hard to come by.  With our experience in fabrication and metal finishing, we introduced the PostUp parking rack in both black powder-coated steel and stainless steel to provide a high quality, efficient bike parking solution.

The inverted U bike rack is preferred over other designs by municipalities, urban planners, architects, parks departments and most importantly, cyclists. Alternative styles of bike parking racks (ie. the Wave or Grid designs) do not efficiently or safely allow for bikes to be locked to them. Many times bike parking racks end up with only 2 bikes on either end due to the lack of space for allowing the frame to be directly locked to the rack. An inverted U bike rack is efficient and safe by allowing for the space on either side of the bike parking rack to be utilized without having users lift their bikes, or move other bikes to get close enough for u-locks. This allows for more bikes in a smaller area, while the bike parking rack itself is not intrusive into the space.

Click here for the City of Sacramento’s Design Guide, note that most designs are banned except for inverted U parking racks.

There is no “standard” for bike parking racks however, some municipalities have created their own specifications for size, tubing diameter, and materiality. Our PostUp parking rack meets or exceeds most of these specs, but it is impossible to check all the boxes given some of these complicated regulations. Most cities do not have any requirements. 

Click Here for the City Of Denver's code as an example

Both PostUp and PostUp SS come complete with concrete inserts, theft deterrent mounting bolts, a 6mm driver to install the bolts, properly sized concrete drill bit and installation guide. You only need to supply the hammer drill (SDS-Plus style chuck) for installation. The PostUp parking racks are packed one per box with foam packing to ensure they arrive undamaged.

PostUp Parking Rack Specifications:

  • 2” (50mm) round tubing with 5/32” wall (4mm) is ideal size for locking bicycles
  • The PostUp Parking Rack Black Model is made with ASTM A36 Steel Tubing
  • The PostUp Parking Rack Stainless Model is made with 304 Stainless Steel Tubing
  • Sturdy 3/8” (10mm) base plates with six mounting bolts are ideal for distributing the load and securing the bike parking rack to the concrete (not recommended for asphalt)
  • Carbon steel frame is ED coated prior to application of a 20 year commercial/architectural grade powder coating. Stainless is sand blasted with a passivation treatment for a clean long lasting finish. Set it and forget it
  • Our PostUp parking rack includes all concrete inserts, theft deterrent bolts, 3/8" socket wrench driver and concrete drill bit (SDS-Plus Shank) for seamless install
  • The Subtle reflective band on the inverted U bike rack provides dynamic appearance and visibility at night 
  • Each inverted U bike rack quality checked for imperfections and tolerance
  • Free same day shipping by 2pm, the PostUp parking rack will arrive at locations in the USA within 5 business days
  • Sales outside of Colorado are non-taxable
  • Simple and Easy, the way life should be



Do you offer this inverted U bike rack model with in-ground mounting? No. Water runs down the tubing and these begin rusting within two years. In addition, if a vehicle or other piece of equipment hits it, you need to tear up the concrete to replace it. Surface Mount style for inverted U parking racks are the most durable and can be replaced if damaged

How quickly will the PostUp parking rack ship and arrive? We will ship the same day on PostUp parking rack orders placed before 2pm Mountain Time. WestCoast shipping is 3 business days, East Coast shipping is 4 business days, and Rocky Mountain/midwest region shipping is 2 business days.  

What if we hate the PostUp parking rack? No problem, we will send you a free return label and a thousand pardons 

Can I install the inverted U bike rack myself? If you have some experience drilling concrete and installing concrete anchors, yes. If you have never installed anything in concrete, please hire someone to help you install the PostUp parking rack. If you do not do it properly, you may end up with extra holes in the concrete and a wobbly bike parking rack. 

Can I use a regular drill? This will take much longer than a true hammer drill, also the included SDS drill bit does NOT fit a standard drill chuck.

What kind of drill do I need to install the PostUp parking rack? We include an SDS-Plus concrete drill bit.  SDS-Plus is the standard for hammer drills and fits most hammer drills made in the last five years.  We use an Enearcro for our shop installations, this works well and will make quick work of installation see it here:  Enearco Hammer Drill on Amazon

Any tips for bike parking rack installation? Please review the instruction manual with a spacing guide. Please review the instruction manual that comes with your PostUp parking rack with a spacing guide. The city of Sacramento also has a great guide for Bike Parking Layout

  • Please have a few bicycles at your disposal during installation to test your bike parking rack layout and confirm the bikes do not protrude into walkways and pedestrian corridors.  
  • If you get your PostUp parking racks too close to walls or each other, they can be difficult to use
  • Make sure users are clear of traffic while locking and unlocking their bikes from the bike parking rack
  • Place the bike parking rack in well-lit areas to minimize theft

Questions or concerns? Happy to help, 303-402-0190 or We have humans to talk to you. Contact us M-F 9-5 Mountain Time. The crew at RockyMounts


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