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The most versatile fork-mounted bike carrier ever created.

  • SwitchHitter


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The most versatile fork-mounted bike carrier ever created.

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  • The SwitchHitter is the most versatile fork-mounted bike carrier ever created. Fits all styles of crossbars out of the box (T-Track hardware included for slotted bars), 9mm QR bikes, and thru-axle bikes (12x100, 15x100, "Boost" 15x110). Integrated cable lock pulls out of the rear of the tray (lock cores not included - a 2-pack is recommended).

    Engineered with a low profile, cast aluminum head attached to an extruded aluminum wheel tray will provide years of hassle free service.  Mounting straps on the head are stainless steel and wrap around the crossbars for a clean, form fitting look.  


    How far does it stick back?  I am worried about it hitting my hatchback/trunk.

    • From the center of your front crossbar, it extends 54" back.  The JetLine is 48", TieRod is 49", BrassKnuckles 45" & Tomahawk 39"

    Should I buy a fork mount like this or upright mount like the BrassKnuckles or Tomahawk?  

    • Fork mounts have less parts and are generally cleaner and quieter on the roof of the car.  You do have to remove your wheel each time and store it in the car, so fork mounts do take longer to load and unload each time.  

    How does it lock?  

    • One lock plugs into the front and locks the rack to the car.  The other plugs into a cable that retracts from the rear if the wheel tray.  Pull out the cable, wrap it around the frame and turn the key.

    If I have a standard quick release bike, should I buy this instead of the JetLine or TieRod?

    • Your next bike will probably have a through axle, so if you are planning on buying a new bike soon, yes, get this over the other choices.

     How easy is it to change the axle?  

    • Very simple, loosen to allen head bolts, slide one out, slide the other one in and tighten.
      • Fits Yakima® round, Thule® square, factory/aero, and slotted bars (with T-Track hardware) like RockyMounts Ouray, Thule® AeroBlade, Yakima® Whispbar, Yakima® StreamLine, and Rhino Rack® crossbars
      • Includes 12x100 axle, 15x100 axle, "Boost" 15x110 axle, and 9mm QR.
      • RockyMounts offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of our products.


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